Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello loves!!! Sammydress team and I are teaming up for a blog giveaway! The best part is, this blog giveaway is also open to my international readers!


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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Last weekend was surreal. I had the privilege to attend two shows in Philippine Fashion Week. I was literally in shock when I received an invitation to fashion week via email. I wasn't expecting that to be honest. So, I kept on checking the same email just to make sure it’s legit. Haha.

 Here’s what I wore to PhFW. Nothing special. Really :) I just want to be in my comfiest #ootd knowing that I am going to attend two shows aaannnd I wanna look presentable as possible. Haha
Wearing: Shop Kapow crop top, The Ramp leopard skirt, Janilyn booties, SM Accessories hat, Vintage bag

First stop: SMX Convention Center for Vision and Trends Collection – RTW Collection featuring a bunch of Filipino designers. Happy Andrada, Santi Obcena, Xernan Orticio, Alodia Ceciliqa, Arnold Galang, Richie Bondoc and Yako Reyes to name a few. I didn't get to take pictures that much because my focus was on clothes. Aaaand besides feel na feel ko kasi ang panonood. First time kasi. Hehe. Sadly, I have to leave the show early to make it to the next show. *sniff*

Shoe selfie attempt while waiting for the show to start :)

Second stop: Mall of Asia - Main Atrium for Giordano SS14 show. It was their first time to join Philippine Fashion Week and I was glad that I get to be part of that experience. Nautical/Cruise was the theme of the show. Aside from the hot guys who walked the runway :), I love how most of the clothes are very pinoy style. Most pinoys will wear that clothes all year round. Especially that the weather here in Manila is pretty much bipolar. 

My sister and I was on second row. Not bad for a first timer,I guess :)
Stripes and Camel! This is my favorite look for men. 
I super love this ombre dress! Very summer ang peg!
Giordano's signature polo shirts for finale.

After the Giordano show... Sorry! We have to! Hehe
 I dyed my hair back to black months ago and now the tips starts to lighten. Argh!
Say hello to my sister!

PS: I will try my best to blog more often before the year ends. *crossing fingers*